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Friday, May 13, 2011


“They’re here...”
Annja felt the breeze that moved her ponytail from in
front of her shoulder to her back.

Then she paused.

There was no breeze.

She must have moved, flipped her hair over her shoulder
with a jerk of her head. It was the only thing that made
sense. Until a strange flutter made her look down.

She didn’t know what was causing her sudden
nervousness, or making her hear things.

It had to be an insect. It had sounded like that, like
wings fluttering.

“Just a bug,” she whispered.

A male cry of pain alerted her. She heard a body hit the
dirt and the clatter of the plastic-encased camera followed.

“Eric,” she whispered.

Footsteps crunched. Those were not Eric’s rubbersoled Vans.

Sucking in a deep breath, Annja calmed her racing heartbeat.

She swept out her right hand. Looking into the
otherwhere, she opened her fi ngers and closed them
around her battle sword.

Slapping her left hand to the hilt, she prepared to
meet whatever was coming around the corner….

Available May 10th, 2011, wherever books are sold!

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How do i go about getting in contact with the pulishing house to check on my subscription.