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Friday, May 13, 2011


“What’s wrong with him?” Ryan demanded

Mildred didn’t answer. She turned away and rammed
two stiff fingers down her throat, trying to induce
vomiting. It took Ryan only an instant to understand.
With a curse he tossed away the canteen. Poisoned. The
whole bastard lake was poisoned!
Dropping the Steyr, the man clumsily cut his arm with
the panga, hoping the pain would keep him awake as
his world started to go dark. But Ryan barely felt the
passage of steel through his skin and knew that it was
already too late.

Enraged over his failure to recognize the trap, Ryan
felt an adrenaline surge course through his body. But
the brief respite vanished quickly, and, still fighting to
remain conscious, the one-eyed man slumped to the
ground and went still. The rest of the companions joined
him moments later.

Soon, there was no movement at the crystal lake other
than the steady rush of the waterfall and the bright
sunlight reflecting off the gentle waves.

Available May 10th, 2011, wherever books are sold!

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Anonymous said...

When are all these books going to be available for the Kindle?

Trevor Hammack