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Monday, July 18, 2011

The balance of global power is threatened...


“On the world stage, meanwhile,” he said, “the Man
is worried that we can’t simply hit Ovan and cut this
off at the source, because all of the evidence we
have is covert intelligence. We can’t afford to point
to any more satellite photos of WMD factories that
turn out to be anything but…and we can’t afford to
move against Turkmenistan in an official capacity, not
even as a black operation, unless we can turn public
opinion against Ovan and show the world he’s got his
hands in the terror attacks in Iran. If his involvement
is exposed, the Iranians will scream bloody murder
about the interference, and Magham’s fate will be
sealed. That’s especially true if his own involvement in
the plot is outed.”

“So what are we doing?” Lyons asked.

“A WMD-equipped Ovan would be a nightmare for us
all,” Brognola said. “His terror network, at this point,
quite possibly rivals al Qaeda. But more years of
hard-line rule under Magham does no one any favors,
either. We need to expose the terror link in Iran and
do what we can to ensure an honest victory for Khan
while putting a stop to Ovan’s terror network and
removing him from power.”

“Oh, is that all?” McCarter said.

Available June 2011 wherever books are sold.

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