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Monday, November 16, 2009

Shock waves of the past erupt deep inside earth...

“On your knees, outlander bitch!” the man shouted.
He reached for the back of her neck.

Without otherwise moving, Brigid’s right hand
lashed up, caught the man by the thumb and secured
a kote gaeshi wristlock. Twisting sharply, she took
a swift step back and kicked the man behind his left
knee. He dropped her guns to the floor.

His leg buckled and he went down awkwardly,
catching himself by his right hand. Gritting her
teeth, Brigid locked the man’s wrist under her left
arm and heaved up on it, hoping to dislocate it at
the shoulder. He cried out in pain.

Captain Saragayn lifted his right hand, the
fingers sparkling with jeweled rings. “Our guest
either does not understand either our language or
our etiquette.”

In Magindano, Brigid said, “I understand the one
and have no tolerance for the other.”

Look for Warlord of the Pit available November 10th, 2009, wherever books are sold.


Anonymous said...

The last REAL OL book by the REAL "James Axler"...the series creator, Mark Ellis.

There's no reason for me to buy any other GE books after this one, so I won't.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous. How do we know you're not Mark Ellis?

Vested interest much?

Anonymous said...

There is no James Axler. He is a house name. It doesn't matter if a writer has written 50 books under that name, or five. There...is...no...James...Axler.