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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A U.S. gold heist turns an African nation into a war zone...

The Executioner slowed and looked back at the American

Kinshasa might be boiling with political intrigue,
but something Bolan had seen or heard in the CIA
observation room had put him on edge.

The instant he stepped outside the gate, Bolan
knew what it was. No fewer than three different
factions watched the front of the embassy. By
entering and leaving so openly he had become a

Quinn had let him become a new pawn in a game
of political intrigue that he neither wanted nor had
the time to deal with.

Bolan was diving for cover when the first bullet
tried to find a home in his flesh. He rolled behind
a burned-out car and came to his knees, reaching
for his pistol. He scanned the area where the shots
must have come from, but saw nothing. A quick
glance in the direction of the embassy showed the
marines were alert but not willing to come out to
his aid.

The Executioner was on his own. As usual.
Look for Fire Zone wherever books are sold, October 13, 2009.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I bought this issue of the Executioner after more than 10 years since reading one (I stopped collecting them after the first 215 copies) and was disappointed, not by the story line, but by the poor quality of the proof (3 typos) - det not dat cord (pg 15), 15000lbs is not 3/4 tons (pg 22), and worst of all for anyone writing the series...when Bolan goes for 'the quickest ride he had ever had" at 1.5 Mach in an F-22 (pg 87), the writers overlook the time he backseated in an SR-71 that even has the plane on the book's cover with Bolan wearing the semi-astronaut suit. Please people, if you are going to write this stuff, at least look at the old issues.

PS. I would be more than happy to proof these for FREE! Just say the word!

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