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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cyberterrorists plot to crash and kill...

Bolan’s thoughts turned to CLODO’s leader

He was the brains behind a number of attacks on
computer manufacturers and related businesses
during the past several months, and much more
than computers had been destroyed.

Bombs, stray bullets and other collateral damage
was always the result of warfare. But with terrorists,
It became the objective rather than an unfortunate
byproduct. Since its reorganization, CLODO’s
bombings, machine-gunning and other terrorist
strikes had claimed hundreds of lives.

The Executioner’s jaw tightened as the bloody
sight before him generated anger. He wasn’t
responsible for the death and destruction at this
CLODO safehouse.

Pierre Rouillan was responsible for the deaths of
his men.

Look for Killing Game available November 10th, 2009, wherever books are sold.

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