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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A power struggle has deadly consequences....

“If you do not cooperate, this
will be the day you die!”

Santiago gestured to his men. They moved to stand
one on either side of Bolan, gripping his arms
and moving him across the cell to stand in front
of a closed door on the far side. Santiago himself
reached to free the bolts that held the door shut. He
grasped the handle, ready to open it.

“In Miami you caused us a great deal of trouble. A
number of our people died because you refused to
back away. You made it clear you would refuse to
stop searching for Maggie Connor. Congratulations,
you have found her.”

Santiago pushed the door, then stepped aside so the
Executioner could be shoved toward the opening.

It was another cell. A cold and hostile place.

Bolan was staring at Maggie Connor. Or what was
left of her.

Look for Dark Alliance wherever books are sold, September 8, 2009.

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