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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A struggle for survival in a land of sudden death...

The ceremony was over

“I don’t know what it is we’ve stumbled into, but I’m
thinking it looks mighty big, J.B.,” Ryan said.

“Agreed,” J.B. said, quickly glancing behind them.

The Armorer pointed to the open door ahead and Ryan
took the lead, jumping onto the raised step and ducking
through the door and into the car. J.B. followed, trotting
up the step and out of the sunlight.

The interior smelled of incense, heavy and cloying, and
thick drapes hung over the windows, blocking out the
dawn light.

A lone figure sat at the table—a woman wearing a hood.
She looked up as they entered, lit by the candle before
her, and Ryan saw the deep lines of age crisscrossing
her face.

“Come in, gentlemen.”

Ryan glanced behind him, checking to see if the
sec men had followed them into the car, but no one
was there.

As they stepped closer to the elderly woman,
Ryan saw what it was that sparkled on her cheeks—
twin tears of blood. And then he felt the world drop
from beneath his feet.

Look for Alpha Wave wherever books are sold, September 8, 2009.

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