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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Age death cult plots its own wave of terror....

Bolan retrieved the motorcycle and kicked it
to life
“I thought…you do not…fight cop.”

“I don’t. I clotheslined a cop. Hang on.”

Bolan aimed the bike toward the on-ramp, nearly losing it as Ramzin sagged to one side and toppled
to the pavement. The Executioner spun the bike to a stop and jumped off.

The Russian’s mouth hung slack. Clear fluid leaked from the corners of his eyes. His pupils were blown.
Major Pietor Ramzin was gone.

Mack Bolan gazed down at one of the most dangerous men he had ever faced. The truth would be covered up. Bolan knew Ramzin would be crucified posthumously.

But there was one thing that couldn’t be taken from the man, even in death. Bolan took Ramzin’s Hero of the Soviet Union medal and pinned it to the dead veteran’s chest.

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