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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A wave of terror strikes the high seas...

The Executioner found what he’d been searching for

Once he was staring at them—a sea of yellow
canisters, each with an electronic detonator
affixed—he was almost taken aback by just how
many the Russian had managed to capture and
move. The hall was filled with them, and there
was no doubt in Bolan’s mind that the explosions
awaiting each were more than enough to produce
a toxic cloud of incredible size. Based on the
intelligence the Farm had provided, this number
of canisters would be enough to poison almost the
entire city.

He heard approaching footsteps and raised the

“Beautiful, is it not?” The captain stepped into
view. He was dressed in loose clothing in the local
Javanese style. He held an electronic detonator in
his hand.

“Place the detonator on the floor,” Bolan said, his
Beretta trained on the man.

“This is a standoff,” the Russian said, laughing. “At
least until I decide I wish to die. And then I will
push this button and the entire city of Semarang dies
with me.”

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