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Monday, June 15, 2009

In Nepal, many things are sacred. And worth killing for...

“You were fated to come here.”

Annja thought she showed no reaction but the monk

“Oh, I know that you do not believe in fate,
Annja Creed. Any more than you believe in demons.
Despite the secret burden you carry. You are simply
too polite to tell a fat old man to his face that you
believe he is, as you might say, full of it.

“You believe that only you, and those who think as
you do, see the true face of reality. I can only shake
my head sadly and hope that someday you might
see that this universe of shining gears and ratchets
you have constructed to believe in is itself merely a
glittering toy, an illusion by which you hide the truth
from your eyes.”

She started to say something. Whether to dispute him
or make some polite evasion, she didn’t know. But he
held up a chubby finger.

“No need exists for us to debate. My universe, like
your unseeing, unfeeling, uncaring machine, shall carry
on regardless of whether either of us believes or
disbelieves. I only caution you for your sake—do not
be too hasty to disbelieve in the help that comes to
you in your direst need. You can explain it away later.
What is vital to your quest, and possibly your survival,
is that you not fight it.”

She nodded. “I’ll do my best.”

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