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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A powerful secret coalition unleashes hell across the globe...


Bitter smoke billowed across the water like a
woolen blanket. In the air above them, there was
only noise and flames, bellowing madness mixed
with pitiful screams. Then a dark shadow swept
across the lock as something massive blocked out
the sun and was gone.

Hawkins started to shout something, then realized
Phoenix Force wasn’t alone in the lock. A cargo
ship was only yards away, the rust-streaked hull
rising like an iron wall alongside the men.

“Move!” McCarter shouted, lurching into a furious
swim. Starting low and slow, a swell began to
lift the team from the water being compressed
between the ship and the wall of the lock.

A split second of panic engulfed the Stony Man
team as the hull came straight for them.

Look for Terror Descending, available August 11th, 2009, wherever books are sold.

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