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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A revitalized foe breaches Earth's last line of defense

Brigid didn’t let her finish the sentence

Her booted foot kicked high, thumping Skylar hard
in the chest, knocking her backward once more
until she slammed into the side of the desk. “The
curious cat was killed, Skylar,” she said.

“What’s got into you?” Skylar wailed fearfully,
struggling to keep her balance as she was forced
against the desk.

“Never liked you,” Brigid said again, leaping forward,
her hands closing around Skylar’s throat. “Nosy
and arrogant because you know how to operate
computers. That’s not a talent, Skylar. That’s barely
even an ability.”

“P-please,” Skylar croaked as Brigid’s grip tightened
around her neck, “Miss Baptiste. I think something
is very wrong with you…please try to…”

She could tell that Brigid wasn’t listening, and she
struggled vainly to loosen the grip of the taller
woman. There was a dark, determined look in
Brigid’s narrowed eyes, a horrible joy in the set of
her smiling jaw. Skylar thought that she knew what
it was—bloodlust.

Look for Janus Trap, available August, 11th, 2009, wherever books are sold.

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