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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Nuclear Stakes Got Higher...New Stony Man available Dec 9

Primary Directive preview...

“So what you’re saying is that if al Qaeda manages
to get personnel inside of this place...” Brognola’s
voice trailed off.

“Yes, we’re all thinking the same thing. And it
explains why Bari’s tactical planning called for the
smuggling of so many terrorist operatives into the

“It’s unthinkable,” Brognola said. “A place like that
could be a terrorist’s playground if they know
where to look.”

“And they do,” Price said. “That’s why they were
monitoring all the sites, particularly the I-25
corridor. They weren’t interested in attacking those
shipments. They wanted to know when would
be the busiest times, when the eyes of most
personnel would be focused elsewhere.”

“All right,” the big Fed stated. “Let’s get hopping on
this. Let’s get both teams on the horn immediately
and apprise them of the situation.”

“Right,” Kurtzman replied, reaching for a phone
that connected directly to their secure satellite

“And when you’re done,” Brognola continued, “get
me the President.”

Look for Primary Directive Dec 9, wherever books are sold.

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