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Friday, December 5, 2008

In the Deathlands, the future could always be worse. Now it is...Look for Plague Lords available Dec 9.

“This could change all our lives for the better,”
Mildred said.

“If there’s another world out there, an unnuked world,
maybe we wouldn’t want to come back.”

“Mebbe you wouldn’t want to come back,” Krysty said.

“If you’ve got big love in your heart for Deathlands
because you were born here, that’s your business,”
Mildred told her. “From what I’ve seen, I’d say all the
hellscape does is kick our asses.”

“And what if the captain isn’t telling us the whole truth?”
Krysty said.

“A guy doesn’t survive solo without having some neat
tricks up his sleeve,” J.B. said with confidence.

Ryan held up his hands. “It’s about the devil we know
versus the devil we don’t. The familiar, bad as it is, is
still familiar. We can pretty much reckon how we’re
gonna die. Starvation. Thirst. Gutshot. Ate by some
mutie. I don’t particularly care where I croak or how.”

“So you’re for taking this pipe-dream trip and mebbe
never coming back?” Krysty said, aghast.
Plague Lords is available Dec 9, wherever books are sold.

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