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Friday, December 5, 2008

New Executioner out next week - Dec 9

Sneak Peek at Final Resort...
This is how the other half lives, but they all die the same.
The Executioner pushed the thought from his mind.
Santos followed Bolan closely, turning frequently
to check the corridor behind them for approaching
enemies. He caught her movements from the corner
of his eye and reckoned she was doing all that
could be done. The hotel was a warren built as if
with ambushes in mind and there was no way he
could protect them from all sides.
No way at all.
That was the price of hunting lethal predators.
Sometimes—more times than he could count, in
fact—the hunter was transformed into the prey.
Like now? he wondered.
He wasn’t sure, but Bolan knew one thing beyond
a shadow of doubt—he wasn’t giving up. If he
could swap his own life for a thousand hostages,
he’d reckon it was a decent trade.

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