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Monday, January 19, 2009

New February sneak previews: Outlanders

Kane opened fire with his Sin-Eater again
“Lakesh, we’ve got trouble. I just hit Durga with an implosion grenade, and all it did was knock the wind out of him.”
The Sin-Eater’s heavy slugs tore into sections of bared flesh, but no blood trickled from the scaleshorn meat. Durga lifted his head, golden eyes filled with fury and disdain for the human who simply would not die.

“Keep fighting, mammal,” Durga growled. “The longer you survive, the more time you give your
friends to make peace with their gods.”

“What makes you think you’ll survive killing me?” Kane called back.

Durga laughed, rising to rest on the coiled trunk of his serpentine lower half. He hadn’t recovered fully yet, but scales began to form over the flesh that had been scoured by the implosion grenade. “You amuse me, Kane. I’ll name my first extermination camp after you.”
Look for SERPENT'S TOOTH available Feb 4


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