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Friday, February 18, 2011

The border war just became an invasion...

Bolan smoothly ejected the spent round

Seconds later another grenade arced through the
air and detonated against a truck at the end of the
column, blowing it apart. A quick glimpse revealed
that the vehicle’s heavy tires had flattened two
of the gunners who had crouched next to it as the
burning circles of rubber had become airborne

The Executioner shucked the spent grenade, fed
another into the launcher and punched a third
HEDP grenade into one of the troop carriers. The
angle wasn’t good, but his goal was to create
confusion and chaos. As the first group scattered,
unaimed bursts of return fire began, and Bolan
knew he had succeeded.
Unslinging his M-16, the Executioner stalked
forward into battle.

Hell had come to Honduras.

Available January 11, 2011, wherever books are sold.

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