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Friday, February 18, 2011

Black ops assassins turn Virginia into a war zone...

The North Koreans wereholding Baldero within the
building—if the cryptographer was still alive
From his vantage point in a line of cars parked on
the street, the Executioner considered the problem.
Any attempt to raid the building would cause the
North Koreans to either flee or, worse, kill Baldero
and cut their losses before they escaped. That
could not be permitted. A surgical strike was called
for—and the time for action had arrived.
Bolan made sure his weapons were secure in their
holsters and that he carried a full complement
of spare magazines, drawing from the last of
the stores in his war bag. Then he screwed the
custom-built suppressor to the threaded barrel of
his Beretta 93-R, held the pistol low against his leg
and walked up to the front of the curio shop.
Knowing that at any moment, a shotgun blast
could chop him in half at the waist, Bolan took a
step back and planted a combat-booted foot on the
wooden door. It splintered and slammed inward,
reverberating off the wall inside.

Bolan dived into the room.

Rescue was coming—and with it, hell.

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