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Friday, September 24, 2010

A powerful enemy masterminds a new wave of global terror...


Hal Brognola stood at the back of the room,
well-chewed but unlit cigar clamped between
locked teeth as he surveyed the Farm’s operations
center. Against the wall at the front of the room
television screens flickered with images. One
screen offered an overview of the island from the
Farm’s dedicated Keyhole satellite. On another
screen was the feed from the nose camera
mounted in Jack Grimaldi’s Comanche attack
helicopter. Two additional screens were linked to
similar camera systems in the Predator drones
controlled by Carmen Delahunt and Akira Tokaido
at their respective workstations. The UAVs were
outfitted with Hellfire missiles for the engagement.

The screen featuring a topographical map of
the island was controlled by Hunt Wethers and
showed the individual operators of both Phoenix
Force and Able Team in icon form, allowing the
Farm to visually follow their progress as the
assault unfolded.

Barbara Price stalked back and forth in front of
the screens, working her sat-com headset to
coordinate last-minute logistical needs. Above her
head a digital clock counted down to H-hour.

Available October 12th, 2010, wherever books are sold!

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