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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Malaysian school becomes a deadly battleground...

A grenade bounced down the alley toward them

Without hesitating, Rosli stepped forward and
planted a firm toe-kick with impeccable accuracy.
The grenade whipped back the way it had come.

“Down!” Bolan ordered.

They hit the deck. The grenade exploded in the
alley mouth. Bolan counted to three, his ears
ringing from the blast, then surged up with the
Beretta 93-R in both hands.

He advanced on the alley mouth. The bodies
of the shooters he and Rosli had already killed
were splayed in gruesome wreckage, torn by
the explosion. Bolan had seen enough carnage
in his lengthy personal war that the sight did
not unnerve him, but he would never truly be
used to it; no sane human being ever became
completely inured to death and destruction. The
Executioner simply did what he had to do, and
took in measured stride the dead men he left in
his wake—men who tried to take his life, or the
lives of good men, women and children. If at
some time Mack Bolan was held to account, if his
tally were to be judged, he would stand unafraid
before whatever power that might be.

But that day of judgment would not be this day.

Available October 12th, 2010, wherever books are sold

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