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Friday, August 6, 2010

Taliban forces launch a sinister plot against the U.S.

Sniper fire began to chew at the earth around them

Before Bolan could put out a distress call, a faint
popping sounded from atop the peak behind him,
followed by an ominous whoosh and the harsh
glare of two igniting flares. The clouds turned a
bright shade of ochre that illuminated the ridgeline,
exposing Bolan and O’Brien.

“Go!” O’Brien feebly reached for the compress and
pushed Bolan away. “Now!”

The flares touched down, landing close enough that
their sparks made the Americans an even clearer
target. Two more rounds rained down on Bolan and
O’Brien. One glanced off the Executioner’s M-16
mere inches from his trigger finger. The other tore
through O’Brien’s neck, just above his flak jacket.
The recon officer went limp, blood spurting from a
severed artery.

Given the trajectory, Bolan knew the shots were
coming from the distant peak behind him, well
beyond the range of his assault rifle. It also seemed
a safe bet that there were at least two snipers.

Bolan had to make a quick decision. Staying at
O’Brien’s side meant certain death, but venturing
any farther along the ridgeline would only court
the chance he’d trip another land mine. That left
one option.

The Executioner took it.

Available August 10th, 2010, wherever books are sold.


Anonymous said...

Is there still a Mack Bolan/Executioner book club, or are they for sale strictly through stores now? I was hoping to join, but finding any information aside from this blog is surprisingly tough. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Die Ruhe,

Gold Eagle still offer subscriptions but I don't know the full details. The parent company is Harlequin, so suggest you try:
Call Us
Call toll free (within USA) at 1-888-432-4879

Email Us
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They should be able to point you in the right direction, anyway.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks; I'll give that info a try.