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Friday, August 6, 2010

A shocking gambit by a lethal foe intensifies the war to claim planet Earth...

It had been more than four thousand years since Ullikummis
had spoken anything other than one word

That word was a name, the name of his hated

He instructed them with a look, the apekin farmer
and his apekin wife. His eyes, molten pits of lava
that glowed fiercely in the darkening evening
gloom, held them in his thrall, for the apekin
were such simple creatures compared to him,
compared to a god.

Alison and Peter Marks rose from the ground,
their heads still bowed before their new master.
Peter Marks had never so much as visited a ville,
and he had never submitted to another man in
anything. Yet this strangely beautiful being that
stood before him in his own field, the same field
his father had plowed fifty years before—here
was something that he would bow to without
question. Deep down inside him, he knew that
here was something supreme.

Available August 10th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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