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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stony Man severs a narco-link leading straight to Russia's highest office....


Grimaldi allowed the deadly machine to crest the
rise at the far end of the now-burning poppy field.
Below, in the depression beyond, sat the camp
and heroin-processing center. Phoenix Force
would be moving in from the perimeter just now;
Grimaldi would, therefore, fight from the center of
the camp, moving outward. He overflew the camp,
chose his spot and yanked hard on the controls,
making the gunship shudder and dance as it
dumped its velocity. He brought the killing snout of
the helicopter around in a slow arc.

“G-Force is all go, twice,” he said aloud. “Heads
down, gentlemen.”

The M-28 turret’s twin M-134 miniguns began
spitting 7.62-millimeter death. The slow arc of the
chopper fanned the slugs out as Grimaldi picked
his targets, centering on the small, prefabricated,
corrugated metal buildings closest to the center
of the camp. Men carrying Kalashnikovs began
running for their lives. Something volatile within
one of the buildings exploded, throwing shrapnel
and flames in every direction. Grimaldi kept the
pressure on, his gunship’s inventory ticking down
in his head, the chopper wreaking havoc in the
enemy’s midst.

He began whistling “The Battle Hymn of the
Republic,” smiling faintly as the Triangle drug
plant slowly disintegrated at the touch of his
trigger finger.

Look for Season of Harm available February 9th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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