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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bolan races to defuse a notorious gang's power surge....

It was time to take his leave

Mack Bolan increased the Mustang’s speed,
determined not to let Guerra’s men get away. Inside
the large, nylon bag on the seat next to him was an
arsenal of assorted weapons for making war.

Bolan raced toward the carnage ahead of him
and slammed on the brakes at the last moment,
swinging his vehicle around to the outside of the
sedan as he reached into the bag and withdrew
the MP-5. He depressed the trigger and swept the
vehicle. The bodies of the gunners danced under
the massive assault. Bolan then yanked an M-67
high-explosive grenade and tossed it casually into
the interior, before putting the Mustang in Reverse
and backing out.

The blast produced enough force to lift the car an
inch or two off its wheels and settle it back to the
pavement in a roaring crash.

That would teach Mario Guerra a lesson—make
him realize he and his Hillbangers weren’t quite as
invincible as they had thought. And Guerra would
learn one more thing very soon.…

The Executioner was just getting started.

Look for Salvador Strike available February 9th, 2010, wherever books are sold.


Sam said...

This one looks interesting. I will have to check it out, though my local outlet for Gold Eagle books doesn't always conform to the release dates listed here.

I'd love it if Gold Eagle still had the subscription service. Or maybe they do and I just don't know about it.

KlownKrusty said...


Gold Eagle still has a subscription service, details are printed in every book.

Alternatively, try emailing customer_ecare AT harlequin.ca (replace AT with @) or call 1-800-873-8635 (toll free?).

I've heard the sub service can adapt to what you ask for, so you don't have to take Rogue Angel, say, if you don't like RA.

Hope that helps!

I heartily recommend this product and/or service!

- Krusty