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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puerto Rico may become a terrorist beachhead for U.S. targets....

“Loss of faith could cause all-out civil war.”

“Destabilizing U.S. interests here,” Bolan concluded.

“Right,” Fonesca agreed. “That would also give the conservative elements in Washington ammunition to talk the President into adopting a military solution.”

That idea was unthinkable, although Bolan knew that a civil war in Puerto Rico would leave the Man no choice but to send military forces to restore law and order. The small National Guard presence on the island would never be enough to quench the fervor of an all-out armed conflict between civilians.
Civil war in Puerto Rico? America having to intervene with its own protectorate by means of military force? The end results of such a thing would be tragic and horrific, at best.

“I’ll start by sending a message to the Independents, letting them know if they are responsible this won’t go unchecked.”

“Fair enough,” Fonseca said. “What do you need from me?”

“A place to deliver it,” the Executioner replied.

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