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Thursday, February 4, 2010

American soldiers are dying and Bolan must find out why...

“You’ve walked into something
bigger than you ever figured.”

A sudden burst of confidence boosted Janssen’s
ego. “One call and you’re history, Colonel. My
employer can get you busted down to buck

“You still don’t get it,” the Executioner said. “I
don’t give a damn. You can’t touch me. I’m not in
the system. Civilian or military.” Bolan moved his
hand so Janssen could see the Beretta. “And this is
all the backup I need.”

“So who are you working for?”

Even as the words left Janssen’s mouth his skull
blew apart, filling the air with a hazy mist. As
Janssen fell the distant bang of the shot reached
Bolan’s ears. He was already dropping to the
ground, Janssen’s shuddering corpse following him

Looking back over his shoulder, Bolan checked out
the hole in the armory wall. Big. The bullet had
punched through with ease.

A powerful and deadly weapon in the hands of a
skilled shooter.

And now Bolan was a target.

Look for System Corruption available January 12, 2010 wherever books are sold.

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