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Monday, June 15, 2009

A wave of terror sweeps across an island territory....

“Everybody down!” the Executioner shouted

The machine gun outside slammed into life like
doomsday. The wooden walls of the museum were
no defense against the cigar-sized bullets that passed
through them like they were paper. Glass display
cases shattered in explosions of shrapnel shards.
Juanita was the only one to have disobeyed Bolan,
and she paid for it as a burst from the crew outside
sacrificed her to the revolution.

Bolan glanced at the Beretta in his hand. They were
definitely outgunned.

The weapon outside suddenly fell silent as it burned
up its one-hundred-round belt. The crackle and pop
of small-arms fire filled the gap as the machine-gun
crew reloaded. Bolan rose to a crouch. It was time to
move. “Everyone behind me!” he shouted.

The Executioner threw himself down again as he
heard an unmistakable sound and the real hell-storm

Six-foot streaks of fire geysered through the hundred
machine-gun holes perforating the museum walls.
Somebody had brought along a flamethrower. They
were upping the ante.

Look for Crisis Nation, available July 14, 2009, wherever books are sold.

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