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Monday, June 15, 2009

Powerful Russian backers plot to restore the Soviet hammer

Kurtzman looked concerned

“Hal won’t be particularly pleased with you hitting up
old contacts.”

Brognola was the least of his worries, Bolan mused.
With a death squad on the loose in the streets of
London, the Executioner knew that it was time to
load up for bear.

In this particular case, the ursine was a breed the
Executioner had hunted before, a ghost species
he’d hoped had disappeared with the fall of the
Berlin Wall.

Unfortunately, the Soviet Bear was still a living, vital
threat, and its predatory hunger had claimed the
lives of two of Bolan’s old allies.

Hunting season was on again.

Look for Cold War Reprise, available July 14, 2009, wherever books are sold.


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