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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mack Bolan Mega Photoshoot

Recently Gold Eagle organized a Mack Bolan mega photoshoot to create new imagery for the Bolan and Executioner book covers.

Model Phil McCauley (who has been associated with the character for several years now,) reprised his role as the Executioner.

The action unfolded at photographer Robert Goshgarian's studio in Toronto, with Bolan art director Bill Laughton overseeing the proceedings. "I was looking to contemporize the character", says Laughton, "To bring the imagery more in line with today's edgier, grittier action heroes. I think we succeeded brilliantly."

Watch for video clips of the behind-the-scenes action here on the blog soon!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

How many book covers can you get out of one of these photo shoots?

~ge said...

It depends on how far ahead we plan. For this Bolan shoot the team captured him in dozens of outfits and poses so his look will really tie in to each book's storyline. When the artist gets his hands on the photography, he's putting him into an environment that matches the story as well, so when the two come together, it really represents the overall adventure.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Where or when can we see the behind the scene videos???


babyray said...

can i get Mack Bolan / the executioner on cd's can somebody out there help me PLEASE !!!!!!

thank you

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased that this series is still popular and action packed, but to be honest I am dissapointed that the new Mack looks nothing like the character we all know and love from the original books.

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