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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gold Eagle Exclusives at Comic-Con 2008

Gold Eagle Books returns to Comic-Con in San Diego, from July 24th to July 27th, 2008. This year we’re giving away more free books then ever, as well as featuring special signing events with authors and artists who will be at the conference. You can find us at booth #1220 amidst the madness.

The following creative folks will be dropping by our booth to sign FREE books and posters while they tour the event:

AUTHOR NANCY HOLDER: Thursday, July 24, 2:00pm
USA TODAY bestselling author from the Nocturne book series. Get a free signed copy of her latest Nocturne book, SON OF THE SHADOWS.

AUTHOR JOHN HELFERS: Friday, July 25, 5:00pm
Contributing author to the Room 59 series. Get a free signed copy of his latest book, ROOM 59: AIM AND FIRE.

AUTHOR MEL ODOM: Thursday, July 24, at 5:00pm
Bestselling author of the Rogue Angel series. Get a free signed copy of his latest book, ROGUE ANGEL: GABRIEL’S HORN.

ARTIST CLIFF NIELSEN: Friday, July 25, at 2:30pm
Artist/illustrator for such series as The X-Files, Star Wars, The Crow and Silhouette Nocturne. Get a free signed copy of a NOCTURNE Comic-Con exclusive art poster.

AUTHOR C.E. MURPHY: Saturday, July 26, at 11am
Bestselling author from Luna books will be signing free copies of HOUSE OF CARDS.

ARTIST TIM BRADSTREET: Saturday, July 26, at 3:00pm
Eisner Award nominee and comic books illustrator (Hellblazer, The Punisher) and Rogue Angel cover artist. Get a free signed copy of a ROGUE ANGEL Comic-Con exclusive art poster.

ARTIST JOHN VAN FLEET: Sunday, July 27, at 11:00am
The artist/illustrator known for his work with Halo, Batman, Star Wars and our new artist for Gold Eagle’s Deathlands series. Get a free signed copy of a DEATHLANDS Comic-Con exclusive art poster.

We'll also be giving away free books from The Executioner, Deathlands, Outlanders and Mack Bolan book series, as well as our sister publishers, Luna and Silhouette. We'd love to say hello to you, so drop over to 1220 and snag some swag!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

And yet again, Mark Ellis, the most popular GE writer and the only one who actually created the GE series he writes and the only GE writer well-known for his comics and graphic novel won't be there again.

You guys really need to get a clue.

Anonymous said...

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Agent Graves said...

Hi! I am seriously wondering why Gold eagle did not have much representation for the Mack Bolan and Deathlands authors at the SDCC. It would seem to me that these series would be more of the type that comic fans would be involved with. You should have done some cross-promotion with IDW comics considering that they are publishing the Mack Bolan and Rogue Angel comic series.

Chuck Daly said...

Does anyone know who the idiot is that keeps leaving these stupid posts liket he one below.