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Monday, November 7, 2011

A drug lord takes control of a
Midwest town...

Bolan’s calculated risk had gone terribly wrong

He ran for the nearest cover, which happened to be the underside of the armored Escalade. Its chain gun
was still pouring a firestorm of destruction into the rooftops. While it raked the left side of the street, the
townspeople on the opposite side tried to take the SUV out by concentrating their fire, but the lighter rifle shells ricocheted off the body.

Then Bolan heard an even louder racket above the earsplitting thunder of rifle fire as a shadow passed
overhead. The helicopter came in low and out of the south, a pair of gunmen wielding M-16s shooting at
the remaining riflemen on the roof. But then the M-249 on top of the Humvee swiveled and opened up as the
helicopter approached, the 5.56 mm rounds spitting out to star the helicopter’s windshield.

The pitch of the aircraft’s engine changed suddenly, turning choppy. The helicopter’s shadow began whirling
around on the street as the pilot fought for control.

Bolan watched the M-249 gunner pour more fire into the aircraft, and then heard a small explosion. The chopper reared up and accelerated right into a storefront, where its blades shattered into shards of deadly shrapnel flying in every direction. What was left of the fuselage crashed to the ground about fifteen yards from where Bolan was. The engine of the Escalade started, and Bolan flattened himself against the ground as the vehicle lurched backward and he was left lying in the middle of the road, while the SUV barreled down Main Street.

Bolan was on his feet in a flash, running for the Humvee. The driver rolled down his window.
“What’s your plan?”

Bolan leaped into the rear of the vehicle and pulled back the cocking lever of the M-249. “We’ve got to stop them before they get back to the factory! They’re going to blow it up!”

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