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Monday, July 18, 2011

Homegrown radicals seek global domination...

“Hal,” the President said, “what do I do?”

“I wish I could help you, sir, but I honestly don’t know. My best people are on it.”

“I’ve got people on one side of me telling me to declare martial law,” the Man said.
“There’s a group of people in the Joint Chiefs of Staff who have already drawn up
a contingency plan, but my instincts tell me that’s the wrong approach. I need
your honest opinion.”

“I think you should level with the people, sir,” Brognola replied. “You should go
on television and tell them we have a dangerous situation to deal with. They should
be vigilant, but not fearful.”

The President pondered the advice. “That might work for a short time,” he said.
“But if we have a wave of shootings tomorrow, people are going to riot. And if that
happens, I’ll have no option but to declare martial law.”

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