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Friday, May 13, 2011

A resurrected voodoo priestess and her entourage of the undead prepare to send humanity to its grave...

Ezili Coeur Noir smiled at the noise
Enjoying the terrible, familiar song of death reversed.
All ofthe corpses had done this when she had revived
them; each had sung a beautiful note of pain. It was so
pure, so absolute, she wished to one day make an
orchestra of these corpses, killing and reviving them
to create the music she heard echoing in her black heart.

Already she was walking down the road,
instinctively searching for another dead body,
feeling herself drawn to it as she repopulated the
Earth with her army of the undead. But soon she
would not need to search. Once the Red Weed
batch was completed by her lackeys, Ezili Coeur
Noir would have an endless supply of the dead
to reanimate, a perfect orchestra to scream her
beautiful songs of death. And prized among those
singers would be the three humans she had found
in the underground bunker of the redoubt, the
three who had challenged her with the brightness
of their living souls.

Available May 10th, 2011, wherever books are sold!

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