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Monday, March 28, 2011


Three armed figures stood the head of the stairs
They were debating something that was also
holding them back from approaching the office. The
Executioner figured they had found the dead guy
To Bolan’s right was the door that led to the parking
garage—it was the only way open to his escape.
Aware the three men might push caution behind
them and head for the office, Bolan acted. He eased
the door wide enough to let him through, raised the
Beretta and powered into the corridor. He fired off
two 3-round bursts in the general direction of the
group and heard the startled shouts. Return shots,
fired in haste, gouged the wall, sending plaster dust
across the corridor. Bolan kept moving, committed
to his action. He reached the door and shouldered
it open. A final shot from his pursuers thudded
into the door frame inches from Bolan’s head. He
slammed the door shut, knowing his freedom would
be extremely short lived.
The thunder of boots approaching the door and
the voices shouting back and forth warned him his
time was running out fast. They had his scent. The
hounds had taken up the chase and Bolan was the
prize. The only thing they should have taken notice
of was this prize had the choice of fighting back.

Available April 12, 2011, wherever books are sold.

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