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Monday, March 28, 2011


Human trafficking was a profitable business
Bolan watched as the slides showed girls and
women being led from seedy rooms by uniformed
police. Stretchers were used to carry out the ones
who couldn’t walk, either because they had been
drugged or their abused bodies had rebelled.

“Kurti answers to this man, back home,” Brognola
said as the next slide revealed an older man.

“Rahim Berisha,” the big Fed said. “Think of him
as Albania’s Teflon Don. He’s got the best friends
money can buy on both sides of the law. He’s been
indicted seven times, but something always goes
off track at the Ministry of Justice—paperwork
misfiled, warrants thrown out on technicalities,
witnesses disappear. You get the picture.”

Bolan wished he could study that face through a
sniper scope. “So the job would be…”

“Shut them down,” Brognola stated grimly. “Wipe
them off the face of the earth.”

Available April 12, 2011, wherever books are sold.

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