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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Executioner expected to die a violent death someday

But the civilians in the lobby had not signed up for
battle pay, and if Bolan failed in the action he had to
take within the next few seconds, they would surely

The bomber had almost reached the CIA man when
the Executioner turned around.

As Bolan increased his pace to catch up with the man
in the vest, the CIA agent moved smoothly into the
bomber’s path and grabbed both of his wrists. Bolan
drew his fixed-blade knife from behind his back and
raised it high over his head. All other movement in the
lobby had stopped.

The bomber screamed something in Arabic as Bolan
dived through the air, the blade clenched in a reverse
grip. As he collided with the man’s back, he brought
the blade down with all his strength, penetrating the
man’s skull.

A few gasps came from around the lobby. Then the
screams of men and women filled the air. Bolan pried
the blade out of the bomber’s skull and wiped it on the
back of the man’s vest before turning him over.

“Murderers!” a high-pitched female voice shouted.

“Call the police.”

The Executioner unzipped the bomber’s vest and a
collective gasp came from the crowd when the people
saw a good two-dozen sticks of dynamite strapped to
the dead man’s body.

There were no more accusations of homicide.
Available March 8, 2011, wherever books are sold.

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