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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


“Who knew about our meeting?” the Executioner ask
“You think someone inside the CNP betrayed us.”
Lieutenant Pureza didn’t phrase it as a question.

“If the bomb had been a random thing, I wouldn’t
ask,” Bolan replied. “But when they follow up with
shooters, it’s specific. No one tailed me from the
airport, so there has to be a leak.”

“You’re right,” Pureza said. “What’s your solution, then?”

“A solo op,” Bolan replied. “Or a duet, if you’re still in.”

“You think I’d leave you at this stage?” Pureza
asked. “I must still live with myself—the one
person I can absolutely trust. But you understand I
represent the law?” she asked.

“You walk. We’ll try to stay out of each other’s way.”

“And Macario wins.”

“No, he’s done, either way,” Bolan said.

Pureza took another moment, making up her mind,
then nodded. “Right,” she said. “Where do we

Available February 8, 2011, wherever books are sold.

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