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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The rules governing earth's reality are about to be broken...
He reached out before him, spreading the six fingers of each hand as if to stave off something that was attacking, and a gasp of breath came from his open mouth.

“Wha’ is it?” the child asked, peering up from the daisy chain she had been making on the little expanse of lawn before Balam’s dwelling.

Balam looked at the child with those strange, fathomless eyes, and wondered if she might recognize the fear on his face, the fear that had threatened for just a moment to overwhelm him.

The child smiled at him, chuckling a little in that strange, deep way that human children will.

“Uncle Bal-bal?” she asked. “Wha’ is it?”

“The Ontic Library has been breached,” Balam said, his words heavy with meaning, fully aware that the child could never comprehend the gravity of them. “Pack some toys, Quav. We’re going to visit some old friends.”

It had been almost three years since Balam had last spoken with the Cerberus rebels, but the time had come to do so once again.

Available November 9th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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