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Friday, August 6, 2010

Russian criminals infiltrate New Mexico's casinos to play for the highest stakes: nukes!

“Incoming!” Kissinger shouted.

Grimaldi eased off the accelerator, falling back a
few yards. Behind him Bolan powered down his
window and leaned out, rattling off a diversionary
burst. The ploy worked. The Stony Man warriors
heard the faint throttle of the AK-47, but the rounds
flew wide of their mark.

Kissinger had ducked below the dash, but righted
himself, clutching his pistol, his eyes fixed on the
rear of the panel truck in front of them.

“Looks like the guy’s reloading,” Grimaldi warned,
putting the pedal to the metal. “Hang on. I’m going
to ram them!” The Stony Man pilot was executing a
last-ditch play. If they didn’t stop the truck, Franklin
Colt was as good as dead.

Available July 13th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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