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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A dangerous sport masks a deadly threat...

The driver was dead and the passenger wasn’t
doing much better

He hadn’t been wearing a seat belt and when the
car hit the cement pylon, he’d been slammed back
into his seat with such force that he appeared to
have broken his back. A SAR-21 still lay in his
lap, but the man couldn’t move his arms. Both his
right arm and the right arm of the driver bore the
distinctive question-mark tattoo with which the
Executioner had become far too familiar over the
past few days.

“Who sent you?” Bolan asked.

“The Malaysian,” the man said just before he sunk
into unconsciousness, confirming the soldier’s
suspicions. Bolan felt the pulse in the man’s neck.
He doubted the man was going to make it.

Bolan could hear sirens approaching in the
distance. A delay would likely result in the
deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, so the
Executioner was on his motorcycle riding toward
San Francisco before the first emergency vehicle
came into sight. He held his speed to a reasonable
level until after he’d passed the last squad car
responding to the accident, then poured it on. He
felt relatively sure he wouldn’t get stopped for
speeding since just about every available unit in
a ten-mile area seemed to have headed for the
accident site.
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