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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A powerful insider plots to destabilize America’s military might…

“It is my hope that we as a nation can work through this.”

Trofimov was somber. “But I will not lie to you. It
will be difficult. We will have to make some hard
decisions about our standing in the world. We will
have to come to terms with the barbarism that
lurks, even now, within our armed forces. This
will not sit well with many of us, but I know we
are up to the challenge. For TBT News, this is Yuri

Schrader switched off the miniset in disgust. “Can
you believe that?”

“What happened?” Bolan asked.

“They’re reporting that a bunch of our guys attacked
a village in Afghanistan,” Schrader said, “totally
unprovoked. Burned the place to the ground. Shot
women and children, and the news report says TBT
has a videotape with our guys doing it and laughing
about it.”

Bolan’s jaw clenched. Things were getting ugly.
And they were about to get uglier.

Look for Sabotage available April 13th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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