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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The new face of terror demands a new kind of action...


“I am here to do you a favor,” the man said.

“Really?” Brognola was not going to insult the
man’s intelligence by claiming to be a minor
functionary in the Justice Department.

“Your team did exceptionally well in Caracas.”

“I see,” Brognola said. It was surprising that Nung
had so readily admitted to Chinese involvement.

“The world is a very complicated place, Mr.
Brognola. It is my job to help guide my country
through treacherous political waters. I understand
well that you and I share similar vocations which
often put us on different sides of the same issue.”

“But not in this case?”

“My superiors do not believe that a second attack of
the magnitude of 9/11 would be advantageous to
our relationship. A shift toward more conservative
political thought by your nation could only serve to
strain our national interactions.”

Brognola felt a cold chill surge through his body.
“You have knowledge of a planned attack on the
American homeland?”

Look for High Assault available April 13th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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