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Friday, March 19, 2010

The frozen north preserves a terrible curse...

“What is that?”

Far ahead of them, Annja thought she could make
out something dark. It looked like it was growing.

Godwin pressed on the gas pedal. His eyes
narrowed and he gripped the wheel tighter. “Our
turnoff should be coming soon.”

“Not soon enough,” Annja said. “It’s going to be

“What is?” Derek asked. “What is that thing ahead
of us? What’s going on?”

Annja looked at him. “Can’t you hear it?”

Derek stopped and sat back in his seat. He closed
his eyes and then Annja saw his body stiffen
appreciably. His eyes popped open. “Tell me that’s
not what I think it is.”

Annja nodded. “It is.”

Godwin pointed up ahead of them. “It’s growing.”
Annja looked and saw it was true. Shooting down
the ice road toward them was a giant fissure of

The ice road was cracking all around them.

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