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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Executioner is caught in no man’s land…with no way out!

The Executioner swept his
scythe across the killing field

Surprise, shifting to full-blown panic in a heartbeat,
spoiled the aim of those who threatened Bolan.
He heard their bullets rattle past him, while his
Browning hammered at them, mulching flesh and
bone with bullets flying half a mile per second.

At the last moment two of the soldiers almost

They sprinted out of Bolan’s view, around the nose
of the first APC, where he could neither track nor
drop them. The Executioner was ready to dismount
and follow them, when both came reeling back,
twitching and jerking through a clumsy death

Bolan saw the bullets rip into their bodies, heard
the crack-crack-crack of a Kalashnikov and then
watched Gorshani step from hiding, firing two
more rounds before the dying soldiers fell.

“That’s all, I think,” he called to Bolan.

He had that right. No enemies in need of killing
remained. It was time to see how many friendlies
had been slain or wounded in the chaotic firefight.

And to learn if they were still friendlies at all.

Look for Frontier Fury available March 9th, 2010, wherever books are sold.

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