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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A new spark in the Middle East could ignite the ultimate global conflagration...


“In addition to the church in that cowboy state
of yours,” the voice said pompously over the
speakerphone, “the third suicide bomber I sent
to Israel has just eliminated close to four hundred
infidels in Tel Aviv.”

The President remained cool. “I hadn’t even heard
of the first two yet,” he said, glancing at Brognola.
“They must not have been very big.”

The voice that responded turned angry. “They were
exactly the size I wanted them to be.”

Brognola was listening to one of the biggest egos
he’d ever encountered in his long career.

“And, Allah willing, there are far bigger things to
come,” said the Iranian president.

“Are you declaring war on the United States?” the
Man asked.

But the leader of the free world got no response.

All he and Hal Brognola heard was a click as the
line went dead.

Look for Sky Sentinels wherever books are sold, October 13, 2009.

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