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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Countdown to War...

“Give me the code,” the Executioner said.

“Give me my final release. It is the only thing I ask.”
“What is the code?”

“Give me your word. What is on that flash drive is time sensitive. Open it in time and you’ll have an intelligence coup that could save lives, perhaps as many lives as I’ve destroyed in my hubris. Take too long and the window closes.”

“How do you know I’ll keep my word once you give me the code?” Bolan countered.

“Faith is all I have left. Give me your word and I’ll give you the code.”

Bolan looked at the former analyst. The man looked back at him. Tears made his eyes look weak and shiny in the unforgiving brightness of the lamp. His head shook with his suppressed emotion.
“Please,” the man whispered.

The Executioner looked at the traitor. He nodded once.
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