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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A struggle for survival in a new dark age...

The piles of corpses and severed hearts grew.

Realizing what was coming, the slaves struggled futilely with their bonds, weeping and begging their captors for mercy.

All but the companions.

Jak, Krysty, Mildred, Doc, and J.B. were staring at Ryan. Their fixed, defiant expressions all said the same thing: we’re not going to check out like that. Not like chickens on the chopping block.

The one-eyed warrior nodded in agreement, then he looked away. If they couldn’t escape, they could do the next best thing. They could take out as many of the bastards as possible before they were cut down.

Ryan Cawdor withdrew deep into the core of his being, shutting out the grisly sights and sounds around him. He wasn’t preparing himself to die, he was preparing to fight and chill to his last ounce of strength. To expend it all, here, now. And when that strength was gone, death could nukin’ well have him, ready or not. It took only a moment for him to make the attitude shift. It was like a gate swinging open.

And when it was done, Ryan felt a sense of freedom and power.

Look for Dark Resurrection March 10. Available wherever books are sold.


babyray said...

i would like to get the executioner/mack bolan on cd's if i can please help
thank you

KlownKrusty said...

Hi Babyray,
Try these guys for the CD versions:


They adapt the Gold Eagle novels, including the Mack Bolan books, with full cast and effects, usually about 6-8 months after the books themselves are published.
You can listen to trailers and excerpts on the site, too.
I heartily endorse this product and/or service!
- Krusty

Benjamin said...

Just finished Empire of Xibalba in the Deathlands series. Awesome story. Can't wait for the next one.