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Monday, January 19, 2009

The day every Stony Man member prayed would never come may have arrived...

No matter what.
“I need a lead, Mack,” Calvin James stated. “Hal gave me the runaround. French security moved
T.J., and we’re no longer trying to figure out where he is. The hit team that came after me was
stripped clean. I’ve got no clues, no bread crumbs to follow.”

Bolan sighed. Every man who had signed up for Stony Man duty, including himself—especially
himself—had understood that it could come to this.

Everyone had gone into the offered deal with his eyes wide open. Every man on Phoenix Force and Able Team had agreed, and now that the mission had gone south, that the worst-case scenario had finally occurred, Calvin James didn’t want to play by the rules anymore.

Bolan frowned. He wasn’t much on rules himself.

The Executioner picked up the phone.
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